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Hello! I'm Mitzi


I am a recovering people-pleaser, abuse survivor, mental health warrior, chronic pain fighter, and an empathetic introvert.

I am also a single mom of two young and crazy, beautiful souls located in Denver, CO. I grew up in Southern California, as the oldest daughter and first generation Mexican American. Since a very young age I have struggled with my mental health (anxiety, depression, and CPTSD). For about 20 years of my life, I believed to have been "healing" my inner child by seeing and attending multiple therapists and support groups. Due to complications with my first pregnancy, my mental health worsened and inevitably fell into a deep postpartum depression and anxiety. For the first 5 years of my son's life, I felt like my mind was spiraling out of control and I couldn't connect with him in many ways. I felt so ashamed. I felt alone in this struggle because I didn't have the support I needed or anyone who could relate.

My struggles unfortunately affected my marriage, so in 2020 my life started yet another healing phase. After 5+ years of marriage and two kids in, I asked to divorce. I could no longer sustain the life I was in. I was starting to be true to myself, my feelings and needs. I WANTED TO FIND MYSELF AGAIN, as a woman, an individual, who I was culturally, and not just as a working wife and mom of two kids. This new healing phase rippled into another, and another, and another. Not only was my mind trying to heal, but my body too; my emotional and mental trauma was beginning to physically present itself and release all that had been trapped inside for so many years.


In 2021, I began to search for more alternative modalities to support in with my MIND AND BODY HEALING. I stated to tap into a side of spiritual energy (non-religion specific) and felt called into energy work like Reiki and Breathwork. 

I BELIEVE that my clients are the healers themselves; They are primary source to their own discovery and recovery. I merely serve as a conduit of energy and facilitator of a safe space and guidance. I am here to provide the SUPPORT, VALIDATIONS, EMPATHY, and COMPASSION they need.

A few of my favorite things...

I love cats, enjoy gardening, eating, traveling, cooking authentic Mexican foods, and hand crafting random things (check out                                        )